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THE "WRITING WORKS" My own personal journey.

Wow. It's taken me a long time to get to this point. This is a blog on my own personal journey to publication—not because I think I've done it well, but in the hopes that it can show other aspiring writers that there is a way to get there. The message? Simply, "Don't give up."

I've written for a long time. I wrote my first story in the third grade, in Mrs. Hall's class. And I illustrated it, too. It garnered admiration from family. We all have a similar memory, I'm sure. I moved on to write stories in study hall, in high school, to the admiration of a few friends, though I never finished any of them. Lots of starts. No endings. Again, we all have similar stories.

In college I was an art major. No writing there. I did continue to jot down little ideas and conversations on cocktail napkins as I paid my rent and tuition. Then one day a friend of my husband announced he had sold a book for publication.

What? I had no idea that a normal, everyday person could do that! He explained how he had written, then queried, then sold his work. I could do that! So I wrote my first book and sent it off. It was awful. I still have it, stored in a closet, because back in those days, you actually sent a manuscript off to publishers, unsolicited.

I don't handle rejection well, so I figured I was simply not a writer. But I couldn't get the ideas out of my head. Over the years I persisted. I carried a bag with writing tablets and pens with me to work, on vacations, anywhere I might have time to jot something down. (That didn't mean I always did write.) But I did slowly accumulate some stories. They were not very good—I recognized that—but I was getting better. I always knew that one day I would feel like I was good enough to put my work out for the public to read.

Some may think it's still not good enough. I can't argue that. I keep writing. I keep listening and learning. I keep getting better.


Feb 04, 2021

I wish you success in your writing and may all your dreams come true.

Love Becky


Feb 03, 2021

Best of luck, Bobbie! You deserve all the success you could ever dream of.

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