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The is the book cover for Flashing Dark

Star Wars takes on all the aliens in Guardians of the Galaxy when Vivi Zant and her partner Saurubi set out to rescue a not-so-innocent kid...

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This is the book cover for Taking the Stars

Does power shape the user, or does the user shape the power?

Life is difficult for the Ly Kai refugees abandoned by Araxis' betrayal. They struggle with starvation and death every day in their tower refuge of Kryie Karth. For Kaphri, the lone child survivor, the daily confrontation with their hatred and resentment is even worse.


Then, two days before her eighteenth birthday, their current leader inexplicably dies. Secrets erupt in long pent-up fury and fear and Kaphri discovers that her Birthstar is not benevolent Freya, but Arylla, the star that powered Araxis' treachery and stranded her people on this world. Terrified that she, too, is destined for evil, she disavows her starpower and flees out into an alien world with her tiny dragon companion, Gemma.


Araxis, however, did terrible things to this world in preparation for the Ly Kai's arrival. When Three Geffitzi warriors capture Kaphri, they believe they have the key to set things right. She doesn't dare tell them she may be exactly the opposite—the means for Araxis to restore his power and renew his reign of terror.


This is the book cover for Taking Control

Does power shape the user, or does the user shape the power?


Escape from Araxis and his Balandran forces has trapped Kaphri and the Geffitzi warriors in the South. For the warriors, the return to empty holds and caers, while their people battle for survival in the North, is a bitter triumph. Their only option is to help Kaphri confront the force that is ruthlessly driving her deeper into their lost lands in the hope that she, in turn, can take down the barrier that divides their world.

But powerful forces are moving against them. The Wyxa, an Eldren race who dwell in the vast swamp known as the Palenquemas, have long memories. To them, Araxis is a minor threat compared to what is stirring in the darkness at the edge of their world, and the Swamp dwellers are willing to sacrifice the Geffitzi warriors, Kaphri, and Gemma to stop it.

Truth and friendship, however, can bind diverse companions in powerful ties!

This is the book cover for Taking the World

Does power shape the user, or does the user shape the power?


Frax warned Kaphri about the Eldren—how the ancient races did not think the same as the Kep's Second Children. Now they walk a razor's edge as Frax tries to fend off the Grimmenwood's desire for their blood and Kaphri struggles to master her starpower under Seuliac's supervision. The Grimmen has stolen Tobin, Gemma remains locked away in the Guardian Crystal, Uri is frustrated with Frax's decisions, and Velacy burns with ambition at Seuliac's control of Kaphri.

As Araxis and his Balandran forces loom closer, manipulation by ancient powers has created a misunderstanding of intent and the heart between Kaphri and Frax, and even the Grimmen has no control over some of the creatures that dwell in its realm.


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