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When Humans encountered aliens we didn't meet just one group; we encountered the whole Whooex Union of Stars.

Some of the members loved us. Some…not so much. The Endar Primacy outright hated us.

Fast forward one hundred and sixty years. The Earth Alliance is on the verge of gaining access to the massive trade market of the Moneyworld.

Unless Captain Vivi Zant ruins everything.

When Vivi rescued a kid from an abandoned space platform, she didn't plan to get trapped on the Moneyworld, where Humans are currently forbidden. If she doesn't get off the planet before Endar Security discovers her, she could destroy the future of the Earth Alliance.

But the kid she rescued is wandering alone somewhere on the world and Vivi knows what can happen to unprotected children. She couldn't save her little brother. She's not about to lose this kid. She needs help from Earth Alliances' allies.

The Moneyworld, however, is not the wondrous place that Humans imagine it to be.