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This is the cover for Deformation

Gideon Rhue is a tracker--a symbiot- enhanced EX-S Force agent. His bosses, the Six Lords of Artifice, are a cold-blooded bunch of powerful manipulators  who were busted while trying to usurp the Emperor's power. They were ordered to create an 'emotion program' to evaluate human compassion in all their future actions. Unfortunately, the biomech in charge of the program has downloaded it and fled Prime One. The Lords want Gideon to recover it. Fast. Which is a difficult and dangerous task, since the biomech, Ura Penthe' is a part of the empire-encompassing NET and can detect every move Gideon and his sym, Mei, make.

New chapters released every Monday on Vella

Meet the cast!

Gideon Rhue
Simon Galipolli
Ura Penthe'
Captain Disney Corday
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