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A New Year, A New Adventure

This year has been rough. I lost my husband and my youngest brother. The losses are immense.

But good things happened too. I've learned to value my friends and family more than ever. I published two books, have a third in the works on Vella, and have a fourth scheduled for release on January 3rd. My beloved Sam would be proud of me.

The road to publication has been tough. I'm still struggling to master sales promotions. But I will persist. In the meantime, I have become quite knowledgeable about the publishing process. It's all an adventure. I've always looked upon any event in life, good or bad, as a learning experience: nothing is ever lost. So, all the ups and downs of this year have taught me things I didn't know before, like how to be comfortable being alone, how to have greater patience, to laugh more because most things are not that serious, to step outside my comfort zone more, and how to persist. And those are worthwhile lessons.

The new year will be a new adventure. I think I'm ready for it.

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