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Welcome to my website! I'm a science fiction and fantasy author who would love to share her characters' adventures with you. Walk the crowded midway on a space station with Vivi and Saurubi, or tread carefully with Geffitzi warriors and Kaphri through a dark woods that definitely wants your blood and might send its creatures to kill you in the next breath. Just remember, trouble lurks around every corner!

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Space Marines call it flashing dark, that moment when someone waking from cryo sleep is seized by terrible memories from their past.

Those flashbacks—of a time when flesh traders held her and her little brother, Anthy, prisoners—have plagued Vivi Zant all her life. Now a bungled rescue has put another child in danger and she's partly to blame.

Pursuing 'the kid' into the deadly morass of the Moneyworld requires her to thread a thin edge between ruthless, power-hungry aliens and bitterly resisting allies. Coping with smart-mouthed Frairys only adds to Vivi's problems.

She couldn’t save her little brother; she’s not going to fail again!

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Love smarmy or evil aliens? This is the book for you!

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Praise for Flashing Dark incredible futuristic journey filled with strange creatures, beautiful planets, dazzling technology, and secretive organizations…At the end, you won’t want to leave it behind.

Flashing Dark is a ride that I would highly recommend to everyone who enjoys a good science fiction...

This engrossing and high-stakes science fiction novel was a wonderful balance of character-driven storytelling and immersive world-building...

...a vivid world that I could easily picture...


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